The week of the 24th of June

Posted 01 Jul 2013

This week brought fair weather and some enjoyable play mates who came down for a visit. After checking the weather, tides and swell we ended up setteling to pllay at Fox Promontory. This crag is only acessable 3 hours either side of low tide.

Cornish Scenary

View from the top of Fox Promontory


Black Back Sea Gull

Nesting Sea Bird


To reach the base of the crag you need to absseil down. The best and most common anchor was just beond these nesting Black Back Sea Gulls. Theyy had a tiny chick with them. We decided not to disturb these birds so we gave them a wide birth for the day. This is the biggest problem with sea cliff climbing.

Cornish Clifftop View

View towards Porthgwara

Carn Barra

Carn Barra Climbing Crag

Jake Phillips MIA

Reynards Revenge HS

This was our first climb. It mostly involved "jamming" This is where you place you hand in a crack and twist it in a way that it wont come out again when you put weight on it. Jake who led the climb loves jamming and it showed. 

Colour Coded

Me and Mandy Colour coding our ropes with our helmets!


Mandys Lead on Revelle HSTerrier's Tooch

Climbing at Chair Ladder

We were starting to run our of rock to stand on at the bottom of Fox Promontory so we headed over to Chair Ladder and quickly climbed a classic called Terriers Tooth. After this it was then definately time to check out the Logan Rock Inn.


Later in the week we had a guy who wanted to head out sea kayaking and climbing with us. As the wind had picked up from earlier on in the week we left from Mousehole and paddled towards Tater Du Lighthouse. We had been previously told there was lots of marine wild life out this direction so we were on the look out for Basking Sharks, Sunfish and Dolphins. The didn't want to play this day.

Sea Kayaking from Mousehole

Sunshine sea kayakingCalm water Sea Kayaking

Rock HoppingTater Du from Sea Kayak

Tater Du LighthouseCave exploration

Checking out the collapsed cave





I was lucky enough to have a day out on the water joining Richard Uren and Mark Peters whilst they were assessing a four star leader award this week. I am not going to give away many details of the assessment for future candidates but I do have some good photos of their first day!

Unfortunately I was not able to join them on the second day because my wife and I were attending a wedding fare for Pirate FM in their win a wedding competition. We were offering a free stag do for the winning couple. 



Morning Brief

Sea Kayaking Porthgwara

On the waterKayaking to Lands End


Looking over to Pordenack Point

The Cornish Coastline

Rock Hopping

Sam Rock Hopping


Nanjizal for lunch

Enys Dodman

This is Enys Dodman off of Lands End

Lands End Tunnel

The Tunnel that goes through Lands End

Tunnel Under Lands End

Swell pushing through!


Paintball Wedding Fayre

Me trying to look interested whilst thinking how nice the weather is to be paddling!!







SW Paintball