A sunny January Sunday

Posted 28 Jan 2013

Before this cold snap of winter we were blessed in having some fine weather to get out to the crag at Trewavas. There were four of us out and about and we had spent the day top roping. Two of the guys that were with us were spa trained (the spa award is the first step in becoming a climbing instructor) and they were wanting to practice setting up climbs for people to climb on. Once the set up was deemed safe we started climbing. There was another chap there who was a hair dresser and has only ever had indoor climbing experience. As there were no brightly coloured hand holds or foot holds he wasn't finding climbing as easy as normal.


Ben Top roping

 Over the course of the day we climbed four different routes and each route we did got harder. We started on V Diff, Sancho and finished on a VS , Avalanche. As we were starting to fight for light we called it a day as we still had a 20minute walk out to go.

 End of the day

A beautiful finish to a great day

SW Paintball